We enjoy close close collaborative partnerships with the following companies:

Caja Group - mid-sized consulting firm transforming performance in backoffice functions (Finance, HR, IT, Procurement) and improving ROI on major IT implementations 

Clarion Solicitors - dynamic, entrepreneurial law firm focused on adding strategic business value for clients beyond legal advice.  Heavily involved in commercial, M&A, intellectual property and employment law with an impressive client list 
Global PMI Partners - niche consulting fim with deep expertise in managing complex M&A integration and carve-out programmes
Whitehall Advisory Group - business advisory practice based in North Carolina that identifies "Best Practices" for US clients no matter what the product, service or discipline, and helps UK companies to successfully enter the US market.
Development Associates Inc. (DAI) - provides confidential site selection, incentive negotiation, and real estate advisory services to US domestic and international companies investing in the USA, across all industry sectors.   

Rescon Technologies and Victrix Solutions - partner companies using IT, medical and human performance expertise to pioneer a disruptive, proactive, predictive digital business model that will gradually revolutionise health and social care for chronic diseases and old age.